Should the Sport of Boxing Be Outlawed?

Some call boxing a pure sport, an expression of human nature, an outlet for the aggression that boils inside each one of us. It is the only sport in existence the aim of which is to hurt the opponent, plain and simple. And it is revered and followed no less religiously than any other popular sport. Why then did the twenty-six thousand people in the audience at Dodger Stadium feel like they committed a crime just by being there the afternoon Davey Moore received fatal blows from Sugar Ramos in 1963? Why did a whole nation raise voice in protest when Duk Koo Kim never woke up after being knocked down by Ray Mancini in 1982 at the Caesar’s Palace in WBA’s light-weight championship match? Order non-plagiarized essay on sport from this leading provider of essay Writing services online.

Anybody who had ever been to a boxing match would tell you that it is a bloody sport, with the contestants often bleeding and swelling up in the ring even as every blow that caused those injuries is accounted for. But it is also true that the fighters choose the sport for what it is and are seldom coerced into it. The idea behind any physical sport is to test the limits of the human body, but to an innocent bystander it would seem that boxing is designed to break those limits, even while the contenders are aware of the fact that they are bartering their health and well-being in the process. Fist fighting is a sport that survived the ages and it was only a couple of centuries ago that it took its modern form called boxing. Ever since, a number of rules and regulations had been introduced in the sport including the game-changing move of reducing the “distance” to 12 rounds instead of fifteen after Duk Koo Kim’s public fall in ’82. And yet, the dangers of the game remain inherent, protective headgear notwithstanding.
There is, in fact, no place for a sport like boxing in modern civilization. When cock-fighting and dog-fighting are banned as sports, why can’t the same courtesy be extended to humans?

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